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Focus Topics

Introduction to Local Government:
     District boundaries, services provided, decision-making bodies.
Land Use Planning & Development Approval Process
Transportation Planning & Projects


Cypress Point Affordable Housing Community 
Proposed 71-unit affordable housing community at Carlos/Sierra in Moss Beach
April 2019 re-submittal documents now posted. 


Get Involved - CDRC vacancies

6 vacancies on Coastside Design Review Committee - Community reps for Miramar, Montara, Princeton

CDRC reviews development applications for compliance with Midcoast Design Standards to encourage new homes with individual character that are complementary with neighboring houses, community character, and the surrounding natural setting.
Desirable traits in a CDRC member.

A Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. Final draft expected in 2019.


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals, and a context-appropriate highway circulation plan for Moss Beach


Quarry Park Master Plan
County Parks is developing this document that will help guide park improvements over a period of at least 20 years. 



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review expected in 2019.


Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Program Update


Dunes Beach Hotel/RV in HMB




























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Midcoast Design Review Standards UPDATE PROJECT 2018-2021

The Midcoast has a coastal, semi-rural, small town, diverse character that residents value and want to preserve. The purpose of the Midcoast Design Standards is to encourage new single-family homes and additions that have their own individual character, while ensuring that they are complementary with neighboring houses, the neighborhood character of each Midcoast community, and the surrounding natural setting.

-- Design Review District Ordinance (Chapter 28.1) applies to the entire Midcoast LCP Project Area (see map).
-- Midcoast Design Standards (Section 6565.20 of Chapter 28.1) apply to 1- and 2-family residential development. 
-- Community Design Manual (1976) and Section 6565.17 are applied to all other Midcoast development.
-- LCP Visual Resources policies also apply.


Coastside Design Review Committee

Coastside Design Review Committee (CDRC) reviews all residential development (single- or multi-family) and residential/commercial mixed-use development in the Midcoast LCP Update Project Area. The Design Review Administrator reviews all other Midcoast development.  

CDRC (per Section 6565.2) is a Design Review Committee consisting of three members to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Two members shall be licensed architects or landscape architects. The third member shall be a resident of the unincorporated community in which the project being reviewed is located.  

For communities where an advisory council has been established by the Board of Supervisors, the advisory council shall make a recommendation on resident third member candidates prior to appointment by the Board of Supervisors.  At the request of MCC in 2012, this has taken the form of an MCC member appointed by the Council attending applicant interviews with two members of the Board of Supervisors  -- MCC 4/11/12 Minutes  and approved Guidelines: Desirable Traits in a CDRC Member.



  • Oct 2001 – May 2003 -- CDRC held public meetings and participated in community workshops to develop a draft set of Design Standards for 1- and 2-family residential development in the Midcoast.
  • 2003 Summary of Task 6 of the MIdcoast LCP Update Project which called for revising design review standards to complement existing house size limits and to promote the preferred scale and character of the Midcoast community.
  • 2003 April: Fast-tracking Design Revew Standards
  • 2003 Planning Commission hearings Aug 27 and Dec 10
  • 2004 Board of Supervisors hearings Mar 28 and Apr 20:  Approve Midcoast 1- and 2-family residential Design Review standards; add new section 6565.20 to Chapter 28.1 of County Zoning Regs; approve amendments to Visual Resources Component of the LCP; direct staff to submit to CCC. (apparently not done)
  • 2006 Feb 7: Board Resolution 067809 to submit to CCC for certification.
  • 2009 Dec 10: CCC hearing: LCP amendment SMC-MAJ-1-04-A to amend both Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan (IP).  Amendment certified subject to suggested modifications. Staff report
  • 2010 May 11 and Aug 10 BoS hearings to approve suggested modifications
  • 2010 Sept 15 - CCC certification.   Staff report  -  LCP Visual Resources Component  -  Midcoast Design Standards  (Section 6565.20)
  • 2012 Sept – CDRC responsibility expanded beyond R-1 zone to include all residential development (single- or multi-family) and residential/commercial mixed-use development in the Midcoast LCP Update Project Area.


Midcoast LCP Update Project Area


Land Use Planning & Development Approval Process
in the unincorporated Midcoast - 2018 MCC study session


Development Standards lacking for Neighborhood Commercial Districts

Hotel pre-application at 7th & Hwy 1 focused community awareness on the problem: 3/22/17 MCC comments.
MCC request for Midcoast C-1/S-3 update: presentation, letters 3/22/17 & 4/12/17, County 3/29/17 reply.
C-1 zoning ordinance - S-3 combining district
CCR Coastside Commercial Recreation
C-1/WMP ordinance (specific for West Menlo Park)


Building Height Measurement

Consistency in Midcoast maximum building height was intended with the 2012 Midcoast LCP Update. Maximum height was reduced from 36 ft to 28 ft in the Neighborhood Commercial S-3 overlay and for residential development in the RM/CZ and PAD districts in the Midcoast. However, the crucial definition of building height measurement was left out, resulting in default to the much less restrictive method of average finished grade to average roofline.  All other Midcoast zoning districts (map) define building height as measured from natural grade to topmost point of building immediately above.

MCC (11/8/17 & 1/24/18) and CDRC (2/8/18) have requested that the County expedite correction of this deficiency, but date for this is unknown, as other priority projects are taking up planning staff time.