MCC Meetings            

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 10AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.


Focus Topics

Vallemar Bluff 4-House Development

Story poles are up. Coastside Design Review Committee continued the item to Sept meeting.


Quarry Park Master Plan
(includes Mirada Surf -- park map)
Get involved in developing this document that will guide park improvements over the next 20 years.
Community meetings:  July 25, Oct 3
Tuesday at 7pm at El Granada School.


Plan Half Moon Bay
HMB General Plan & Local Coastal Program Update are ongoing. Midcoast residents are encouraged to get involved. HMB Planning Commission July 25 joint study session with Park/Rec Commission on Coastal Recreation: 7pm at Ted Adcock.


Coastside Design Review Committee openings:  Applications being accepted for appointment to CDRC which meets in El Granada at 1:30pm on the second Thurs of the month. CDRC reviews new Midcoast residential building plans for compliance with Design Review standards. Openings for community reps and for architect or landscape architect -- application deadline 8/4/17.


SMC Parks Dog Management Committee is developing dog-management policy updates for County Parks.
Meetings are open to the public: Aug 21, 2pm
455 County Center, Room 402, RWC


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals
--promoted by CaltransFHWAAARP, and
Midcoast Hwy 1 Safety & Mobility Study
--MCC letters May & April 2016


Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. 


Affordable Housing 
Local non-profit MidPen expects to submit development plans to the County by end June 2017 for the 11-acre north Moss Beach affordable housing site. First step in County public process will be Pre-Application Workshop.



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review: fall 2017.


















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Vallemar Bluff

Vallemar Bluff lies along the spectacular rocky shoreline north of Juliana, west of Vallemar, in Moss Beach.  The undeveloped 2.5-acre property is zoned RM/CZ (Resource Management/Coastal Zone) and has popular trails, a cypress grove, and rare coastal prairie habitat.

The grasslands of Vallemar Bluff are an increasingly rare native plant community known as ‘Coastal Prairie’. Some very rare plants grow here including "coast yellow leptosiphon" which grows nowhere else in the world.

Local Botanist Toni Corelli letter and slides Dec 2015.




Image gallery

Current Development Proposal

PLN2015-00380 Case Activity -- Project planner Dave Holbrook

Project approval process:
1 - Coastside Design Review Committee will determine if the project complies with the Midcoast Design Review Standards. 7/13/17 CDRC continuance letter.
2 - Environmental Review document (Initial Study & Negative Declaration) will be published for 30-day public comment period.
3 - Planning Commission hearing for project decision

May 2017: Revised plans reduce the number of lots and homes to four aligned along Vallemar, with expanded Coastal Prairie conservation area, and condition for the perimeter fence and coastal trail to retreat as cliff erosion occurs.  
4-home site plan -- landscape/materials -- grading/drainage
Design Review Plans: Lot 1 - Lot 2 - Lot 3 - Lot 4
Biological assessment (Zander 6/6/17)
Conservation strategy (McGraw 6/3/17)
Bluff recession update (Haro-Kasunich 5/26/17)

Oct 2016 MCC considered the revised application by Moss Beach Associates LLC for development of five homes on Vallemar Bluff.  
Presentations: MCC,  Applicant,  ESA erosion hazard
Letters: MCC,  Committee for Green Foothills,  Stuart Weiss PhD
ESA memo: Accelerated Bluff Erosion due to Sea Level Rise

2016 five-home site plan - site constraints - civil plans 
     existing vegetation - landscaping 
Geotechnical study & appendices (Haro-Kasunich, Aug 2016)
Preliminary Drainage Report Aug 2016
Bluff recession study (Haro-Kasunich, Apr 2015)
Vegetation report (Zander, May 2015)
Earlier geotech/ bluff recession studies: 1990, 2001

Dec 2015 Pre-Application Public Workshop - public notice
Six-home site plan Nov 2015   --  HMB Review
Oct 2015 MCC request for Pre-Application Workshop
Dec 9 MCC letter - minutes - video (at 7 min) - public letters
Summary & Response to Comments by County Planner

CCC 2/12/16 letter re 1991 Lot Line Adjustment & sewer service
MWSD 4/27/16 letter re water/sewer service


1991 Lot Line Adjustment LLA-89-21
County staff decision, with no public notification, created 7 lots out of the 40 laid out in the 1908 subdivision. In determining the number and configuration of the lots, there was apparently no consideration of the RM/CZ 5-acre minimum lot size requirement in place since 1973, nor the hazard/environmental constraints of the site. County Counsel noted in 1990 “that future buyers should be aware that the recordation of the Record of Survey does not imply that the resultant parcels are buildable.” Coastal Commission 1998 staff report (p.13) noted that the seven parcels created by LLA may actually require a merger and resubdivision subject to Coastal Development Permit approval.

Coastal Commission 2/12/16 letter reviews this issue and recommends the County provide evidence that the supposed 1991 lot line adjustment is consistent with all applicable laws in effect at the time.

Historical Development Proposals

Single Family Dwelling & Domestic Well - status: closed
PLN2000-00833, Lot D, APN 037-086-260 (case summary)
Geotechnical Assessment Jan 2001.      House plans
Applicant's hydrogeologist: 5/99, 12/99, 3/00, 1/01.  Well test
Neighbors' hydrogeologist: 5/01, 11/01.   CCC viol letter 7/01
Engineering Geologic Study Nov 1990 (Prendergast) - 7 homes
Letters:  MCC P&Z Committee  Feb & May 2001
Paul Perkovic  -  Carl May
Friends of the Field (Wittwer) May 2001
Committee for Green Foothills Nov 2001
Planning Director Nov 2001: full EIR required.

Test Wells on all lots - status: closed (case summary)
PLN2000-00268, APN 037-086-230 thru 290
(up to 3 test wells on each of 6 legal parcels)
MCC P&Z comments June & Oct 2000

Test Wells on Lot D - status: approved
CDP97-0016, APN 037-086-260
Letters:  MCC Jan 1998MCC May 1998
Paul Perkovic Nov 1997,  Appellants July 1997
CCC appeal A-1-SMC-98-049 found substantial issue re public access and reduced the project scope to 3 test wells only. Any future development including conversion to a production well requires separate CDP.