MCC Meetings            

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 10AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.

Focus Topics 

Development of a Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92.  
The project has undergone a course correction since April 2015 to allow for additional analysis and report revisions:
Alternative Development Forecast Memo/ Slides
Alternative Transportation Standards Memo/ Slides
MCC Briefing Oct 14, 7pm at GCSD
Public Workshop Oct 22, 6:30pm at Cypress Meadows
Highway 1 page -- Project website  

Winter Storm Season -- Are You Prepared?
Tormentas del Invierno - ¿Estás preparado?

Midcoast Crossings, Raised Medians, Left Turn Lanes
MCC meeting this fall (TBD) will include discussion of the preferred designs selected from the year-long process of workshops and public feedback on design alternatives.  

Highway 1 Parallel Trail
East-of-highway multi-use transportation trail to connect Midcoast communities to each other and to Half Moon Bay.
First segment for design/permitting is Mirada to Coronado.
Public Workshop presentation 9/23/15 on trail alignment/design.
MCC 7/22/15 letter - attachment - presentation.   Highway 1 page.

Montara Coast -             Public Access & Views
Private encroachments into the 7th St right-of-way diminish public coastal access & views. Board of Supervisors decision is expected on 10/20/15.

Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations. Outreach resumes 2016.
Project website  --  MCC Princeton page


Pillar Point Harbor Issues

RV Park: MCC 1/28/15 letter - images.
District Priorities: MCC 7/9/14 letter - Overview Presentation.
Dredging/Beach Replenishment:
MCC 9/10/13 letter.


 Midcoast Water Pollution Reduction Program

What’s in the water and what we can do to help protect our watershed and the marine reserve – Newsletter.

















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Highway 1 Studies & Issues

Transportation Management Plan

The County is developing a Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast residential development on Highway 1 and 92.  Based on an analysis of traffic impacts at buildout, specific policies will be developed to offset the demand for all peak period vehicle trips generated by new residential development.  The plan will evaluate expanded public transit, multi-modal travel, and programs for traffic mitigation fees on new development, and mandatory lot merger and lot retirement.   Project planner is Rob Bartoli.
Project website

The project has undergone a course correction since April 2015 to allow for additional analysis and report revisions:
Alternative Development Forecast MemoSlides
Alternative Transportation Standards MemoSlides
MCC Briefing Oct 14, 7pm at GCSD, and
Public Workshop Oct 22, 6:30pm at Cypress Meadows. 

April 2015 Draft Transportation Alternatives (out of date)
   Public Workshop April 15 - commentsgroup statement
   Briefing to MCC April 8 - presentation - video @32min
Buildout Analysis & Traffic Projections Report (Dec 2014)

The CTMP is a requirement of the 2012 Midcoast update to the Local Coastal Program (LCP Policy 2.53).  $600,000 in County funding was initially allocated for the project which is expected to be completed in late 2016. 


Midcoast Coastal Access & Parking Study

April 2015 Midcoast Parking & Access Study
The Action Plan for implementation of the Highway 1 Safety & Mobility Studies calls for a parking study to be completed before more detail planning of beach and trailhead parking lots in the Midcoast, with the goal of sharing and limiting the number of new parking lots.  San Mateo County, GGNRA, State Parks, and CalTrans collaborated on this 2013-2015 study.
12/10/14 presentation at MCC.  


Highway 1 Safety & Mobility Studies

During 2009-2012 San Mateo County conducted a two-phase public participatory planning effort to develop conceptual plans to improve Highway 1 safety and mobility between Half Moon Bay and Devil’s Slide.
     Action Plan for both phases 
     Phase 1 Study covering El Granada & Miramar 
     Phase 2 Study covering HMB airport to Devil's Slide
     More detail, public comment and meeting videos






Midcoast Rural PDA designation abandoned

The controversial Rural Priority Development Area designation for the Midcoast was applied for in 2012 as a way to receive priority transportation funding from ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments).  Due to community objections the idea was abandoned and replaced by 5 Rural Community Investment Areas (RCIA).  Read more.


Highway 1 Projects

Crossings, Raised Medians, Left Turn Lanes

Project Elements were identified by the community as near term, high priority, and are based on concept plans in the Highway 1 Safety & Mobility Improvement Studies:  
Grey Whale Cove - Montara North - Central -   
          .        .      Lighthouse - Moss Beach - El Granada

6/23/15 Public Workshop presentation  
Summary -- Design Alternatives Matrix -- Draft Planning Study 
Conceptual design images:
Mirada Rd. Alt 12
Moss Beach Cypress Alt 123; Town Center Alt 1A1B23
Lighthouse/16th Alt 12
Montara Town Center Alt 123; Montara Beach Alt 123
Gray Whale Cove Alt 1&2

4/28/15 MCC comments - minutes
     Committee for Green Foothills comments
3/11/15 public workshop - video - presentation - comment cards
2/23/15 Design Alternatives summary - online survey - results
7/31/14 community workshop: videopresentation - minutes.
6/18/14 public meeting videonotescomment cards

Design/permitting phase is funded by 2012 County Transportation Authority grant ($1,500,000). Project planner is Mike Schaller.
FHA Proven Safety Countermeasures


Highway Protection at Surfers' Beach

San Mateo County, Caltrans, and Half Moon Bay are collaborating on a project to protect the highway from erosion at Surfers’ Beach, connect a 400-foot section of the Coastal Trail, and add a stairway down to the beach over the newly installed 175-foot section of rock slope protection.  The Coastal Development Permit for the coastal armoring is temporary, for a 10-year period, to allow time to implement a long-term solution to protect the highway from erosion (such as moving this section of highway).

Project construction goal: fall 2015
6/12/15 Coastal Commission considers permit - staff report
2/26/15 Community meeting- presentation - video
10/22/14 County presentation to MCC


Highway 1 Parallel Trail

This trail has long been envisioned as an east-of-highway multi-use transportation trail connecting the Midcoast communities to each other and to Half Moon Bay. The trail is expected to be completed in 4 segments.
     --Southern segment (HMB city limit at Mirada, north to Coronado): Design Phase 1 by BKF Engineers  (Scope of Workattachments) to take place summer 2015 - spring 2016, followed by Phase 2 advanced designs & permitting in 2016-17. MCC commented on trail alignment priorities 7/10/15.
$500,000 in funding for planning/permitting was awarded by the County Transportation Authority (TA) in April 2014 (application, MCC support).    Project planner Mike Schaller

     --Northern segment (connecting Moss Beach and Montara via Carlos and Main): The County's 2014 application to the CA Active Transportation Program, was not selected (MCC support -- Staff Report). Other funding sources will be sought.


Devil's Slide Tunnel & Trail

Devil's Slide Coast website welcomes the opening of the tunnel in March 2013.  The former Devil’s Slide roadway has been converted into a multi-modal segment of the California Coastal Trail, managed by County Parks, which opened in March 2014. (trail webpage)

Bike/Pedestrian Crossing - After much discussion about safety and crossing alternatives at the south portal, Caltrans moved forward with an at-grade crossing with an on-demand pedestrian crossing signal. 

History of Devil’s Slide: Caltrans’ plan for a 6-lane bypass over the mountain from Pacifica to HMB Airport, and the citizen initiative for a tunnel solution.

The 1976 CA Coastal Act (Section 30254) mandates "that State Highway Route 1 in rural areas of the coastal zone remain a scenic two-lane road."   For the Midcoast that applies to the area north of Montara to Pacifica, outside the urban/rural boundary created by the LCP to contain development.