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Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 9:30AM.
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Focus Topics

Introduction to Local Government:
     District boundaries, services provided, decision-making bodies.


Neighborhood Commercial Districts
Zoning Regs Update: C-1/Midcoast:
CDRC open study sessions:
9/19, 1:30-3pm & 9/23,
Study materials: comparison tables, maps showing existing uses 


Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Program Update

Draft Land Use Plan Update ready for your input. HMB Planning Commission Study Session:
Sept 24, 7pm, EOC, 537 Kelly, HMB


Harbor View Inn 15-room expansion 
2019 plans --  images -- MCC comments


Cypress Point Affordable Housing Community 
Proposed 71-unit affordable housing community at Carlos/Sierra in Moss Beach
April 2019 re-submittal documents 


Get Involved - CDRC vacancies

Coastside Design Review Committee reviews development applications for compliance with Midcoast Design Standards to encourage new homes with individual character that are complementary with neighboring houses, community character, and the surrounding natural setting.    Desirable traits in a CDRC member.

A Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. Final draft expected in 2019.


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals, and a context-appropriate highway circulation plan for Moss Beach


Quarry Park Master Plan
County Parks is developing this document that will help guide park improvements over a period of at least 20 years. 



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review expected in 2019.


Dunes Beach Hotel/RV in HMB


























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Big Wave Project - 2010 (Denied)

was a major development proposed in 2006 for 20 acres (2 parcels) of agricultural land and wetlands along Airport St. between HMB Airport and Pillar Point Marsh. The project was approved by the County in 2011 but denied on appeal to the Coastal Commission (CCC) in 2012 due to many inconsistencies with the Local Coastal Program (LCP). The first 4 pages of CCC staff report summarize the reasons for denial and the issues a revised project would need to address in order to gain approvals. Video of Coastal Commissioners’ response is here.

Big Wave Office Park (PLN2005-00481) on the 14-acre north parcel next to the Pillar Ridge Manufactured Home Community consisted of 225,000 s/f mixed-use office space in 8 buildings (four 2-story, 36 ft tall, and four 3-story, 46 ft tall), and 640-space parking lot. Projected traffic impacts included over 2,000 car trips per day to/from the site over indirect narrow roads. Project included major subdivision (2 lots into 13) and 20-year development agreement.

Big Wave Wellness Center (PLN2005-00482), on the 5-acre south parcel next to Princeton, proposed to provide affordable housing for up to 50 developmentally disabled adults and 20 caretakers, along with a fitness center, indoor pool, and potential employment opportunities for the residents.  Also included was parking for 50 cars for staff and visitors and, on a subdivided parcel, 20,000 sf of commercial storage. 

2010 comments from DPW Airports, Caltrans, FAA
2009 Big Wave video with Neil Merrilees
2006 pre-application workshop: 155,000 sf office park in four 2-story bldgs


2002 grading permit application was denied for 44,000 cy of fill on Big Wave north parcel for undetermined future development.  MCC 8/26/02 comment to planner, “The applicant stated during the meeting that this proposed plan was for a major Commercial Development in the M-1 zoning, however, they were unable to obtain water for that project which has since been canceled.  Currently, the applicant is undecided on a final proposal for the site and is only going to use it for storage.”

North Parcel Alternative - 2015 (Approved)

The Big Wave North Parcel Alternative (NPA) is a revised project that received final County approvals in May 2015.  The NPA combines the Wellness Center with the Business Park on the north parcel, reduces building height to 33 feet, reduces commercial/industrial space to 176,000 s/f, increases the wetlands buffer areas, and has the project served by public water and sewer. Intensity of uses permitted in the Business Park would be limited by what can be accommodated by the north parcel’s 462-space parking lot. Construction is proposed over 15 years per Development Agreement with the County.

Permit Processing Summary, 2014-2017  (PLN2013-00451):

June 2017 Board of Supervisors approved project amendment to allow construction of a large brewery (on Lot D in this image) to be constructed before the Wellness Center.  
     MCC comments, 5/24/17 presentation.  
     See news post for supporting docs.
Jan 2017 MCC comments on earlier proposed modification.

Nov 2015 LAFCo sphere of influence amendment for MWSD to supply water to Big Wave -- 4400-ft-long water main extension, $2 million to be paid by developer.

May 2015 Board of Supervisors approved with revised conditions.
     Letter of Decision & Conditions of Approval (rev 6/6/17)
     15-year Development Agreement (revised 6/6/17)
     Appeal - Meeting NoticeStaff Report  - Attachments
     Comments from CCC staff and CGF

Jan 2015 Planning Commission approved 8-building project.
     Staff Report, PresentationVideo, Letter of Decision.
     Comments: MCC, CCCCGF, SurfriderSierra Club
     High res plans: Site - Elevations -  Landscape - 
         Business Lot Dimensions – Wellness Center Dimensions
     Existing aerial view vs project simulation

Dec 2014 new 8-building option: comments: MCCCCC

Nov 2014 Planning Commission: Staff Report - Video
    New 4-building option: site plan - aerial simulation - 
    2014 Transportation Analysis (Hexagon) - EIR Addendum.
    Comments: MCCCGF

Aug 2014 PC & MCC informational meetings
     Staff Report - Presentation - Video.   
     MCC comments 8/27/14 - meeting video
     CCC staff comments 9/2/14

July 2014 NPA Project Description (9 buildings)
     Site Plan and 2010 plans for comparison.

May 2014 Application deemed complete
Mar 2014 NPA Project Description: comments by MCC & CCC
Feb 2014 LAFCo letter re process for water provision
Nov 2013 NPA Project presentation at MCC - minutes & video


Sept 2013 Committee for Green Foothills (CGF) dismissed its lawsuit against County 2011 approvals of Big Wave Project. 

Aug 2012 CCC staff report:
“In order to address LCP requirements and the various resource constraints on the site, a revised project would need to demonstrate an adequate and reliable water supply, reliable waste water/sewage disposal capacity, adequate protection of natural resources, such as the Pillar Point Marsh area and surrounding wetlands, minimization of significant impacts to important public views, sufficient traffic capacity, the minimization of significant shoreline hazards at the project site; and the protection of agricultural resources consistent with the requirements of the certified LCP.”