MCC Meetings                    

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, Granada Sanitary District,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 10AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.      


Focus Topics 

Big Wave Project is back with a North Parcel Alternative

Major subdivision and development proposed for 15 acres of agricultural land and wetlands west of HMB Airport.
     5-bldg business park – 189,000 s/f
     4-bldg residential Wellness Center – 90,000 s/f
     Parking for 554 cars (incl. 92 for public beach use)
     15-yr Development Agreement with County
Big Wave Issues Page

Permit processing schedule:
Jul 31 - Sept 2: Environmental document public comment period
Aug 13: Informational at Planning Commission and MCC - presentation - video - staff report
Sept 11: Coastside Design Review Committee (July 10 continued)
Oct 22: Planning Commission hearing on Coastside


Connect the Coastside is a Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan that will identify programs and improvements along Hwy 1 & 92 to accommodate the Coastside’s future transportation needs as it grows toward build-out. The technical study will coincide with broad public outreach to ensure that the final Plan reflects the unique character and vision of local residents and businesses. The online Virtual Workshop is open for your ideas.

The Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan is a requirement of the 2012 Midcoast update to the Local Coastal Program (LCP Policy 2.53). In December 2013 the Board of Supervisors approved $500,000 to fund the project, which is scheduled for completion mid-2015. Scope of work and timeline.
Related studies & projects: Hwy 1 Issues Page.


Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations.

Phase 1, Community Visioning Report, Oct 2013
Phase 2, Existing Conditions Report, May 2014
Phase 3, Alternatives Evaluation, Sept/Oct 2014


Highway 1 Traffic & Safety Improvements

- Pedestrian Crossings
- Left-Turn Lanes
- Highway Medians

Proposed design alternatives will be refined with public feedback. Comment online or via email to

7/31/14 MCC workshop videopresentation - minutes
6/18/14 community meeting videonotescomment cards
Highway 1 Issues Page


Pillar Point Harbor Priorities
County Harbor District is developing a Strategic Business Plan.
VIDEO of 7/10/14 kick-off meeting.
MCC overview presentation & initial comments on priorities.
2014 Grand Jury Report recommends dissolution of Harbor District. 
Harbor/Shoreline Issues Page


Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update

The ALUCP affects future land uses and development surrounding the HMB airport. Land use policies address height of structures for airspace protection, aircraft noise impacts, and safety compatibility criteria near the ends of the runway.  FAQ's  -  Draft Final ALUCP revised 8/8/14, with response to comments.


Montara Coast - Public Access & Views
Most of Montara’s spectacular rocky shoreline is only visible to the public from the ends of county streets west of Highway 1. Private encroachments into the public right-of-way are diminishing this coastal access.  Online petition to Board of Supervisors has over 400 signatures.


Midcoast Water Pollution Reduction Program
What’s in the water and what we can do to help protect our watershed and the marine reserve – Newsletter 2014.

















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MCC Candidates’ Forum Tues, Oct 1, 7pm

5 candidates are on the November ballot for 4 open seats on the Midcoast Community Council.  At this Special Meeting of MCC, the League of Women Voters will moderate the forum, asking questions submitted by the public at the meeting.  

Granada Sanitary District meeting room, 504 Ave Alhambra, 3rd floor,
El Granada

The forum will be broadcast on cable channel 27 on Thurs 10/3 at 8PM and Fri 10/4 at 10AM.  Streaming video links are here: Part 1, Part 2.


Community Forum on Pacifica Hwy 1 widening (aka Calera Parkway)

Wednesday, October 9, 7-9pm
Vallemar School, 377 Reina Del Mar, Multipurpose Room, Pacifica

Learn about:
- The huge footprint, construction traffic, scenic impacts
- Why two local citizen lawsuits challenge the project
- Alternative ways to reduce traffic
- What you can do about it

Sponsored by Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives and
Pacificans for a Scenic Coast


Emergency Hwy Protection at Surfer’s Beach

Concerned about the imminent threat of road embankment failure and Highway 1 closure at Surfer’s Beach, Supervisor Horsley has appealed to Caltrans to take immediate action to protect the highway before this winter’s storms.


Candidate Forums

The following Candidate Forums for upcoming local elections are sponsored by MCC and the League of Women Voters (LWV).  LWV will moderate the forums, asking questions submitted by the public at the meeting.   LWV asks that people refrain from displaying political literature or signs in the meeting.

Montara Water & Sanitary District (MWSD)6 candidates for 3 seats
Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 7:00 pm  --  VIDEO
(MCC regular meeting date, special venue)
Seton Hospital Coastside, Marine Blvd & Etheldore, Moss Beach

Midcoast Community Council (MCC)5 candidates for 4 seats
Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 7:00 pm -- VIDEO #1, #2
Granada Sanitary District meeting room, 504 Ave Alhambra, 3rd floor,
El Granada   (MCC special meeting date)

Granada Sanitary District (GSD)6 candidates for 3 seats
Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 7:00 pm --  VIDEO
Granada Sanitary District meeting room, 504 Ave Alhambra, 3rd floor,
El Granada

Candidate Forums will be video-recorded by Pacific Coast TV (PCT) and broadcast on local cable channel 27, the following Thursday at 8:00 PM & Friday at 10:00 AM.  Streaming video links will also be available.


Coffee with Kevin & Donuts with Don 9/20/13

Drop by to join Assemblyman Kevin Mullin and Supervisor Don Horsley for a cup of coffee and share your thoughts on legislative issues important to you.
Friday, September 20, 9:00 – 10:30 AM, at the Moss Beach Sheriff Substation.  No appointment needed.


Moss Beach Park Update from Supervisor Horsley

Dear Friends of Moss Beach Park,

It is with great enthusiasm that I report to the community on the most recent activities surrounding the Moss Beach Park.  On Tuesday, September 10, the delinquent property tax was paid and the tax sale was officially canceled!  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of Paul and Julie Shenkman, Sam's Chowder House, and the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside.  When it was made known that in order to cancel the sale of the land, the outstanding property tax had to be paid, Paul and Julie Shenkman and Sam's Chowder House generously volunteered to pay the tax bill.  Because the Coastside Preservation and Recreation, Inc. (CP&R) had lost its non-profit status, the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside accepted the Shenkman's donation and wrote a check to the Tax Collector's Office for the property tax.  On Tuesday, Rocky Raynor of the Boys and Girls Club and I hand delivered the check to the Tax Collector's Office.  Yesterday, I spoke with the Tax Collector's Office and was informed that the check is being processed and the sale is officially canceled.  Please join me in thanking Paul and Julie Shenkman, Sam's Chowder House, and the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside.  

Now that the property tax has been paid, the sale has been canceled, and the park is no longer in danger of being taken from the community, what's next?  The County is working hard to determine two things: 1) how do we indemnify the CP&R Board and 2) how do we make sure the transfer of land meets all legal requirements.  I have asked the County Manager and County Counsel to draft a contract between the individual CP&R Board members and the County that will indemnify the individuals who have agreed to volunteer for the CP&R Board and provide liability coverage for the park.  This contract will be brought to the CP&R Board members once completed.

With regards to the incorporation of the Moss Beach Park into the County Parks Department, it is our primary objective to ensure that this process is conducted appropriately and in accordance with the law.  To date, we have learned that the CP&R Board is limited in their abilities to transfer the park as long as their status as a corporation is "suspended".  The County is in communication with the Secretary of State's Office to determine what we can do to change CP&R's status to "active" so the land can be legally transferred to the County.  My office will continue to lead this effort until the Moss Beach Park can be incorporated by the County.  The good news is that during this process, the park will not be in danger of being sold or lost.

With the property tax paid and the County providing liability coverage for the park, we have established a solid foundation that will protect the park and everyone involved while we work out the details of the land transfer.  It is unknown at this point how long the process will take to incorporate the park into the County Park Department but we will keep the community involved as we go forward.  Lastly, thank you for all of your involvement in this important community project.  It has been my privilege to work with the Coastside community throughout this process. 

Don Horsley


Plan Princeton Workshop Sept. 12

Share your vision for Princeton.  Attend the Community Workshop:
Thursday, September 12, 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Oceano Hotel Ballroom, 280 Capistrano Rd, Princeton

What is your vision for Princeton in 20 years?
What do you like most about Princeton?
What improvements are needed in Princeton? 

Plan Princeton Project website  --  MCC webpage on Princeton issues



MCC Special Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, 7pm

  • Special Districts and Parks Powers - Q&A with Martha Poyatos
  • Pillar Point Harbor Dredging Strategy (letter approved)  Background:  6/12/13 MCC presentation & letter; 7/18/13 Harbor District Report; 8/19/13 HD to CCC)
  • MCC representative for School District Strategic Plan Focus Group
  • Supervisorial District Lines (letter approved, website)
Consent Agenda: 8/28/13 MCC Minutes
Letter to Coastside Emergency Action Program Executive Committee (Bylaws)
Memo to Planning Dept re floodlights on beach


Location: Granada Sanitary District (GSD) meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, 3rd Floor, El Granada.


Supervisor’s roadmap for Moss Beach Park 

The future of Moss Beach Park was the topic of Wednesday’s (9/4/13) Town Hall meeting at Farallone View School in Montara, hosted by volunteers of Friends of Moss Beach Park.  A full house listened and applauded as Supervisor Don Horsley assured the crowd of his commitment to update County policy to enable the County to own and maintain local “pocket” parks, starting with Moss Beach Park. 

Supervisor Horsley laid out the series of steps necessary for the County to acquire the park in perpetuity, with fine-tuning of some details still to be worked out.  The tax auction buyer has been notified that the sale will be canceled and his money refunded.  The park will initially be returned to its previous owner, Coastside Preservation & Recreation – with some fresh faces on that Board.  Ample offers of private donations have been received to pay off the $8,000 property tax bill, though the entity to whom to make those donations has yet to be worked out.  County Parks policy changes and the transfer of Moss Beach Park to the County are expected to take place by year-end. 

Q&A with the audience followed:  The County will cover liability insurance, make any needed safety upgrades, and move forward with the restroom installation.  Community input will be sought via the "Friends of" group, MCC, etc. for any upgrades and changes to the park, such as the asphalt area for basketball.  The local Cub Scout group who has been maintaining the park asked to be allowed to continue their service.  County Parks’ staff would open, close and clean the restroom on their daily rounds through the Coastside. 

The suggestion that Montara Water & Sanitary District acquire the park struck a seemingly deep controversial note in the audience, at which point the Supervisor cut off that discussion, saying he wanted to take one step at a time, that the County was in a position to move quickly to save the park, and that if some other local arrangement were proposed in the future, it could be considered at that time.


Supervisor Don Horsley on Moss Beach Park

Dear Midcoast Residents, 

Your passionate testimony at the Midcoast Community Council meeting, the phone calls to my office, and the dozens of emails I have read this week, have made one thing very clear- we need to save Moss Beach Park. For the past week, my office has been working diligently with County Counsel and the Tax Collector’s Office to determine what we can do to fix this problem.  After reviewing the details of what led to the sale and the conditions of the sale we have determined that the County has the legal standing to cancel the sale and return the land and park to its previous owner. 

During a meeting I held with the Tax Collector’s Office and County Counsel this morning, the Tax Collector’s Office agreed to cancel the sale provided that the outstanding property tax, amounting to $8,035.79, is paid in full by September 16.  With just over two weeks to collect these funds, it may be tight but I know that together we can do it.

On Wednesday, September 4 at 7:00PM there will be a town hall meeting at the Farallone View Elementary School to discuss the Moss Beach Park.  I am looking forward to attending this meeting, speaking with the community about the future of the Moss Beach Park, and discussing how to raise the funds needed to pay the outstanding property tax bill.  Together, we can preserve this vital community asset.  Thank you for all of your help and involvement in this matter and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night. 


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