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2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 10AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.


Focus Topics 

Midcoast Highway 1 Crossings, Medians, Left Turn Lanes
New design alternatives and analysis are posted for review and comment on the County's Speakout website.  
MCC Highway 1 Issues Page.
Community Workshop March 11, 7:00 - 8:30PM,
Cypress Meadows, 343 Cypress Ave, Moss Beach.        


Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations.

Phase 4, Draft Preferred Alternative Plan coming in March.
Phase 3, Alternatives Workbook, Sept 2014
   MCC 10/8/14 comments - presentation
Project website  --  MCC Princeton Issues Page


Connect the Coastside is a Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) that will identify programs and improvements along Hwy 1 & 92 to accommodate future transportation needs.    
Development & Evaluation of Alternatives coming in March.
Buildout Analysis & Traffic Projections Report Nov 2014
Related studies & projects: Hwy 1 Issues Page.

Big Wave Project North Parcel Alternative, a major development for agricultural land and wetlands west of HMB Airport, was approved by the SMC Planning Commission 4-1 on Jan 14.  MCC commentsStaff PresentationVideoLetter of Decision.
Group Appeal to Board of Supervisors was filed Jan 29.


Pillar Point Harbor Issues

RV Park: MCC 1/28/15 letter - images.
District Priorities: MCC 7/9/14 letter - Overview Presentation.
Dredging/Beach Replenishment:
MCC 9/10/13 letter.

Montara Coast - Public Access & Views
Private encroachments into the 7th St right-of-way diminish public coastal access & views.  Online petition.
On Feb 25 the Planning Commission approved 7th St fence removal & new encroaching fence.



Midcoast Water Pollution Reduction Program
What’s in the water and what we can do to help protect our watershed and the marine reserve – Newsletter 2014.

















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MCC Meeting March 12, 7pm

Regular AGENDA:

Plan Princeton Existing Conditions Report. 
The Report is undergoing some revisions following comments from the Technical Advisory and Steering Committees, and will be released when those are finalized.

La Costanera Restaurant: Consideration of Revised Initial Study & Negative Declaration -- MCC letter (approved) - presentation - more background

Consent Agenda: Minutes for 2/12/14; Appoint CEAP alternate rep (memo)

Location: Granada Sanitary District (GSD) meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, 3rd Floor, El Granada


Highway 1 Parallel Trail Funding Uncertain

The County recently applied to SMC Transportation Authority (TA) for funding for planning/permitting of the southern segment of the Midcoast Highway 1 Parallel Trail, from HMB city limit to the Coronado intersection in El Granada.

Competition is fierce for County Measure A sales tax funds for pedestrian and bicycle projects, which are generally considered every two years.  For the current cycle, the preliminary staff report recommends only the top 10 of 23 projects for funding.  The Midcoast Hwy 1 Parallel Trail is ranked #11, only 0.1 point behind #10 in the scoring system.  No Coastside projects were recommended for approval -- apparently there are no points added for geographic diversity.  

The TA Board of Directors will hear the initial staff presentation of proposed funding allocations at their meeting on Thursday, March 6, at 5PM, at 1250 San Carlos Ave, 2nd floor, San Carlos (Agenda Item #11a - staff report).  Final decision on funding allocation will be made at their April 3 meeting. 

MCC wrote in support of the grant application last December.  Community members can email their support for this project to the TA Board members, or speak at the March 6 meeting.

More info on this and other Hwy 1 projects at Hwy 1 Issues Page


La Costanera Restaurant Daytime Hours Considered

1977 State and County permits for the restaurant at south end of Montara Beach limit operations to 5PM until normal closing time, in order to share available public/private parking between beach users in the daytime and restaurant users in the evening. 

The County is processing an application to modify the restaurant’s Use Permit to allow Friday and weekend daytime hours (10AM – 2AM).  Environmental review documents (Revised Initial Study and Negative Declaration) for this project are now available for review. 

Public comment regarding the correctness, completeness, or adequacy of this Negative Declaration must be received by County Planning Dept no later than 5PM, March 31, 2014.  Contact person: Camille Leung, Project Planner, 650/363-1826.  The MCC March 12 agenda will include this item.

This Initial Study and Negative Declaration addresses the potential environmental impacts of the proposed expansion in operating hours, installation of exterior lights, signs, and patios, and grading, drainage and other improvements of the adjacent dirt parking area owned by State Parks.  

In addition to the County-issued Use Permit amendment, a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) amendment will be required directly from the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) for the project described above, as well as for the repair of existing drainage systems and riprap.  Until the CDP Amendment is granted by the CCC, the County Use Permit amendment would be considered inactive.  

The current planning application dates from 2006.
PLN2006-00494 MCC comments: 2012 letterpresentation2010 letter
Long-standing alleged Coastal Act violations - CCC, MCC
Petition for removal of beach floodlights

The restaurant was built in 1977 on the site of former 1950’s motel/restaurant, and was operated as The Chart House until 2002, followed by The Outrigger until 2004.
1977 Planning Commission staff report - Use Permit - parking exception
1977 CCC Coastal Development Permit P-77-579
1981 CCC denial of CDP amendment to allow Sunday 10AM opening 
1984 County CDP 83-67 for riprap


Midcoast Appointee to County Planning Commission

Zoe Kersteen-Tucker, a 20-plus year resident of Moss Beach, and long-time coastal and environmental advocate, has been appointed to the San Mateo County Planning Commission representing District 3.  Supervisor Don Horsley selected her to replace Christopher Ranken of Pacifica who was appointed by former Supervisor Rich Gordon.  More details in press release.


Volunteers needed for SamTrans Advisory Committee

SamTrans Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of 15 representatives from various segments of the community and acts in an advisory capacity to the SamTrans policy board. Responsibilities include providing input on the needs of current and potential transit users. CAC has vacancies for community reps, bus rider reps, and multimodal reps.

The CAC meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the SamTrans administrative office, 1250 San Carlos Ave. in San Carlos.  Application and more info.


Seal Cove/ Moss Beach Road Improvements

A County road improvement project is proposed for two locations in Moss Beach – paving of three previously unimproved rights of way in Seal Cove (San Ramon, Del Mar, Madrone), and replacement of a section of paving on Carlos Street at California with vegetated biotreatment and pervious paving. 

Public comment period on the environmental review documents extends from February 25 to March 27, 2014.  The NOTICE of Public Review is a one-page overview of the proposed construction details, public review process, and contact info.  The environmental DOCUMENT under review is titled, "Seal Cove/Moss Beach Area Roads Improvement Project - Draft Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration".


MCC February 26, 2014, Meeting Canceled

The regular meeting of the Midcoast Community Council for Wednesday, February 26, 2014, has been canceled.

Future agenda:
March 12:  Princeton Planning Update (Phase 2) – Existing Conditions Report


Opening for Montara Rep Alternate on CDRC

Coastside Design Review Committee (CDRC) is an important part of the County process for approval of new development in Midcoast residential communities.  There is an urgent need to fill the Montara vacancy.

CDRC meets the second Thursday of the month (as needed) at 1:30pm in El Granada.  Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Applicants for the Montara community representative vacancy must reside in Montara. 

More info, including a “List of Desirable Traits for a CDRC member”, and how to apply.


Donuts with Don - Friday, 2/21/14

Supervisor Don Horsley will hold Coastside office hours Friday, February 21, from 10 AM to noon, at the Sheriff’s substation, at Hwy 1 and California Ave. in Moss Beach. Constituents may drop by any time, or may call for an appointment 650-363-4569.


LAFCo Clarifies Request for Consolidation Committee

As a condition of approval for Granada Sanitary District (GSD) application to form a Community Services District with Parks powers, LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) required GSD to write to Montara Water & Sanitary District (MWSD) requesting formation of a joint consolidation committee.

LAFCo’s 1/30/14 letter to MWSD clarifies this condition of approval as well as providing background on LAFCo composition and purpose, and adopted spheres of influence for the Midcoast.