Coastal Commission Approval of 2 Mirada Rd seawall
Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 10:07PM
Dave Olson

At the Coastal Commission meeting on July 11, 2019, they approved the seawall proposal by the residents of 2 Mirada Rd, and the Casa Mira (condominium) HOA.  There was a significant amendment, based largely on the request and comments of Surfrider to limit the seawall to not include the extension to attempt to protect the Coastal Trail, because of the precedent that would set.  The amendment passed 8-2, and the overall motion passed unanimously.

The staff report places significant conditions on the seawall, including removal if the 2 Mirada building is demolished or more than 50% remodeled.  Both requestors are dedicating land to public access and/or new trail location inland.  The exhibits show location and construction details.  The video of this part of the meeting  starts at 6 hours 37 minutes, and runs for about 15 minutes.

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