King Tides & Coffee, Mirada Rd, Dec 4
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 3:36PM
Lisa Ketcham

     King Tides & Coffee -- December 4, 2017, 9:00-10:30AM
     Meet at Miramar Beach Restaurant Parking Lot

Sea Change San Mateo County team is leading this event to inform the public about how king tides can help visualize future flooding risks and to share information about projects in the works to reduce impacts from flooding and sea level rise. Event includes shoreline guided walk, coffee/bagels -- bring your personal mug and camera.  RSVP.

King tides are higher than normal high tides that occur naturally when the sun and moon align, causing an increased gravitational pull on the oceans. Since king tides are about a foot higher than average high tides, these events show what sea levels could look like every day with one foot of sea level rise.

California King Tides Project: Snap the shore / See the future.
2017/2018 King Tides Season Dates/local times:
December 3 (9:20AM), 4 (10:05AM), and 5 (10:53AM)
January 1 (9:00AM) and 2 (9:49AM)
Tide predictor, Pillar Point

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