MCC Meetings            

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 9:30AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.

Nov 2018 Elections for MCC


Focus Topics

Coastside Local Government --
a Quick Look

District boundaries, services provided, and decision-making bodies. Upcoming MCC study sessions: (2) Land use planning & development approvals process, (3) Transportation planning & projects – review and update.


Coastside Design Review Committee vacancies
Miramar Rep/Alternate & Montara alternate
Application deadline July 27
Desirable Traits for a CDRC member


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals
--promoted by CaltransFHWAAARP, and
Midcoast Hwy 1 Safety & Mobility Study.
Cypress roundabout: MCC 8/9/17 minutes & 5/11/16 letter.
Cypress roundabout evaluation - 10% design - MCC review


Quarry Park Master Plan
(includes Mirada Surf -- park map)
County Parks is developing this document that will help guide park improvements over a period of at least 20 years. 


Harbor Village RV Park
50-space facility proposed at Capistrano & Hwy 1


Vallemar Bluff 4-House Development


Affordable Housing 
Cypress Point is MidPen's proposed 71-unit affordable housing community at Carlos/Sierra in Moss Beach. Pre-application plans, workshop summary and comments are here


Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. Draft plan expected for public review summer 2018.



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review: early 2019.


Plan Half Moon Bay
HMB General Plan & Local Coastal Program Update are ongoing. Midcoast residents are encouraged to get involved. 10/24/17 presentation & video (@3min) on Land Use Policy & Growth Management by Dr. Charles Lester, former CCC Executive Director.


SFO Aircraft Noise

MCC 9/13/17 informational forum --
video, slide presentation, links


















Blog Index
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MCC Meetings 2000

Councilmembers: April Vargas (Chair), Joe Gore (Vice Chair),
Chuck Kozak (Secretary), Paul Perkovic (Treasurer), Sara Bassler
(Mar-Oct), Ric Lohman, Laura Stein
District 3 Supervisor: Rich Gordon

Scroll down for separate section with Planning & Zoning
Committee letters.

2000-01-03 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-01-05 MCC Agenda
2000-01-05 Welcome to MCC
2000-01-12 MCC Agenda
2000-01-12 MCC Notice of Vacancy
2000-01-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-01-19 P&Z Referral Review Procedures
2000-01-22 MCC Agenda- Retreat
2000-01-26 MCC Agenda
2000-02-02 P&Z Agenda
2000-02-07 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-02-09 MCC Agenda
2000-02-09 Resolution Support Prop 12
2000-02-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-02-23 MCC Agenda
2000-02-29 Sara Bassler MCC Appointment
2000-02-29 PreApp Workshop Hwy1 30-BR Hotel
2000-03-01 P&Z Agenda -- Minutes
2000-03-06 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-03-08 MCC Agenda
2000-03-14 MCC to PC- Moss Beach Highlands EIR
2000-03-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-03-16 County Counsel re MCC Bylaws
2000-03-22 MCC Agenda
2000-04-03 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-04-05 P&Z Agenda --  Addendum
2000-04-10 Letter to C/CAG - ALUCP update
2000-04-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-04-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-04-21 Planning Dept re draft residential zoning standards.
Residential Zoning staff proposal
Residential Zoning Task Force Meeting Notes 2/72/142/28
2000-04-24 Letter Magellan419 appeal
2000-04-26 Letter re qualities for new planning director
2000-04-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes-- addendum
2000-05-01 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-05-03 P&Z Agenda
2000-05-09 Letter to Planning- Hwy1 Montara/ElGranada
2000-05-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-10 MCC recommendations- Residential Zoning Ordinance
2000-05-15 MCC to PC - Residential Zoning Ordinance
2000-05-17 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-18 P&Z to ABAG - Regional Housing Needs Determination
2000-05-17 P&Z Agenda
2000-05-24 Letter to PC re Hwy1 Montara/ElGranada
2000-05-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-31 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-01 Letter to HMB- joint government options
2000-06-01 Park/Rec Members
2000-06-05 Letter to BoS- Moss Beach Highlands
2000-06-05 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-06-07 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-07 TBurnes letter- design approvals
2000-06-08 RGordon to PC- Hwy1 LCP
2000-06-09 MCC recommendation- RCD vacancy
2000-06-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-06-17 Honor Kit Dove
2000-06-21 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes -- affordable housing
2000-06-28 RGordon- Coastside Design Review Staff
2000-07-05 P&Z Agenda
2000-07-05 Rich Gordon: CCWD water transfers
2000-07-10 DColeman HMB joint government reply
2000-07-10 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-07-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-07-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-07-21 Letter to Planning- LCP scoping session
2000-07-25 LCP Scoping Flyer
2000-07-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-07-26 P&Z memo- density credit transfers
2000-08-02 P&Z Agenda
2000-08-07 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-08-09 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-08-09 County Counsel: MCC can't appeal BoS-approved projects
2000-08-16 P&Z Agenda
2000-08-23 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-06 P&Z Agenda
2000-09-07 P&Z memo- well ordinance
2000-09-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-20 P&Z Agenda
2000-09-26 P&Z memo- tree removal notification
2000-09-27 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-27 Candidate Night Format/Guidelines
2000-10-01 P&Z memo- test well exemption
2000-10-02 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-10-04 P&Z Agenda
2000-10-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-10-16 Letter to Planning- LCP scoping priorities
2000-10-18 P&Z Agenda
2000-10-25 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-10-25 P&Z report to MCC
2000-10-27 Letter to Planning re LCP proposed scope
2000-10-31 P&Z Agenda project site field trip
2000-11-01 P&Z Agenda
2000-11-06 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-11-08 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-11-13 Letter to BoS- Development Issues Committee
2000-11-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-11-27 Letter to BoS- Development Issues Recommendations
2000-11-30 LCP Project Scope
2000-12-04 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-12-06 P&Z Agenda
2000-12-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-12-20 P&Z Agenda

Planning & Zoning Committee Comment Letters

2000-01-07 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-01-20 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-01-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00624/25
2000-01-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00903
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00774
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00862
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00928
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00930
2000-02-07 P&Z comment Magellan416 PC appeal
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN1999-00452 Moss Beach Highlands
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00022
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00036
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00042
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00048
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00077
2000-02-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00047
2000-02-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00078
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00308
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00617
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00072-74
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00103
2000-06-13 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080
2000-06-15 P&Z comment PLN2000-00268 Vallemar wells
2000-07-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00811 Princeton warehouse
2000-09-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080 house
2000-10-03 P&Z comment PLN2000-00268 Vallemar wells
2000-10-08 P&Z PLN2000-00472 harbor restroom/commercial
2000-10-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00546 test wells 5th St
2000-11-09 P&Z comment PLN2000-00702
2000-12-23 P&Z comment PLN2000-00675

MCC Meetings 2001

Councilmembers: Laura Stein (Chair), Chuck Kozak (Vice Chair),
April Vargas (Secretary), Ric Lohman (Treasurer), Joe Gore, 
Paul Perkovic, vacancy
District 3 Supervisor: Rich Gordon


Scroll down for separate section with Planning & Zoning Committee letters.

2001-01-03 P&Z Agenda
2001-01-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes -- Resolution (Vanderwerf)
2001-01-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-01-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-01-31 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-02-21 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-22 Harbor District letter re El Granada Median Strip
2001-02-25 MCC to RGordon re Hwy1 long range plan
2001-02-28 MCC Letter re PC Coastside Mtgs
2001-02-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-07 MCC Letter re FMR Master Plan
2001-03-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-03-12 Development Issues Committee Letter
2001-03-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-21 P&Z Agenda
2001-03-24 MCC Agenda special -- Minutes
2001-03-27 Planning Response re Permits/Wells
2001-03-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-29 El Granada Median Strip Community Meeting
2001-04-04 P&Z Agenda
2001-04-10 MCC/Harbor District meeting notes- restroom
2001-04-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-04-16 P&Z Letter re El Granada Duplex
2001-04-18 P&Z Agenda
2001-04-25 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-02 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-09 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-09 Letter supporting groundwater assistance grant
2001-05-10 MCC to Harbor District re restroom
2001-05-16 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-23 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-30 Rich Gordon to CCC- house size LCP amendment
2001-06-01 Design Review candidate recommendations
2001-06-04 Park/Rec Minutes
2001-06-06 P&Z Agenda
2001-06-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-06-13 MCC Letter to POST re Rancho
2001-06-17 MCC Letter to CCC- house size amendment
2001-06-20 P&Z Agenda
2001-06-27 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-07-05 MCC Letter to BoS re Xterra
2001-07-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-07-12 RGordon Letter to MCC- Vision Project
2001-07-18 P&Z Agenda
2001-07-25 MCC Agenda
2001-08-01 P&Z Agenda
2001-08-08 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-08-13 DPW Letter to MCC- Etheldore Culverts
2001-08-15 MCC to Planning re Project Reviews/Postings
2001-08-15 P&Z Agenda
2001-08-22 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-08-23 MCC Letter to Planning re Coronado signal
2001-08-29 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-05 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-12 Letter to BoS re Mirada Surf
2001-09-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-09-13 Letter to Governor Davis- Certificate of Compliance
2001-09-17 Letter to BoS- road contiguity
2001-09-18 DPW Letter to MCC re Road Drainage
2001-09-19 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-03 P&Z Agenda
2001-10-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-10-19 Letter to DPW re Roads/Drainage
2001-10-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-30 Letter to Caltrans re Hwy 92 expansion
2001-11-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-11-12 Letter to RGordon re ABAG Subregional Plan
2001-11-14 Letter to CCC re Save Our Shores Grant
2001-11-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-11-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-11-25 MCC comment PLN1999-0082 Impink
2001-11-26 Letter to RGordon re public notice
2001-12-05 P&Z Agenda
2001-12-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-12-19 P&Z Agenda
2001-12-21 LCP inconsistencies

Planning & Zoning Committee Comment Letters
2001-01-02 P&Z PLN2000-00773 Princeton internet sales
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00803 house
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00811 addition
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00887 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN1999-00384 Inn UP Miramar
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN1999-00642 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00173 house RM-Montara
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00833 house RM- The Strand
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00863 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00889 house
2001-03-13 P&Z Pre-app mtg- 10-unit El Granada Motel
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00389 house
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00855 UP/storage- Brewing Co.
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00904 addition
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2001-00027 LLA
2001-03-19-PZ-PLN2000-00399 addition- Seacliff
2001-03-19-PZ-PLN2001-00084/95 1441 Alamo
2001-04-01-PZ-PLN2000-00811 addition
2001-04-01-PZ-PLN2000-00897 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00711 Hwy92 stable UP
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00730 Hwy92 roadside UP
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00911 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00010 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00033 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00055 2nd unit
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2000-00881 house
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00064 addition
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00092 addition
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00096 remodel
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00112 domestic well
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2000-00253 variance
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2001-00129 addition
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2001-00170 house, substandard lot
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2000-00902 addition
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2001-00098 house
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2001-00127 well

2001-05-08-PZ-PLN2001-00833 Vallemar Bluff NegDec
2001-05-09-PZ-PLN2000-00472 Harbor restroom/commercial
2001-05-13-PZ-PLN2001-00206 house
2001-05-13-PZ-PLN2001-00241 house
2001-05-17-PZ-PLN2000-00472 Harbor-restroom/commercial
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00018 addition
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00115 house
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00130 deck/spa
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00193 LLA
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00155 house
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00190 addition
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00192 sunroom
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00196 garage
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00208 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00215 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00234 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00259 addition
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2000-00557 house
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00145 addition
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00226 tree removal
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00241 house
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00349 addition
2001-06-25-PZ-PLN2001-00287 lot line adjustment
2001-06-25-PZ-PLN2001-00308 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2000-00803 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2000-00855 UP/storage- Brewing Co.
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00189 Princeton Ave B&B addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00206 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00221 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00222 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00229 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00255 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00261 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00265 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2000-00897 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00278 El Granada storm drains
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00333 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00334 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00338 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00345 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00363 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00454 addition
2001-08-15-PZ-PLN2001-00062 duplex
2001-08-22-PZ-PLN2001-00253 house
2001-09-03-PZ-PLN2001-00313 house
2001-09-04-PZ-PLN2001-00368 house
2001-09-04-PZ-PLN2001-00368 object to decision letter
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2000-00585 addition 101 Niagara
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2001-00339 addition
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2001-00355 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2000-00253 house redesign
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2000-00494 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00270 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00360 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00365 addition
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00377 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00431 garage
2001-09-27-PZ-PLN2001-00387 house
2001-09-28-PZ-PLN2001-00430 Montara Creek diversion pipe
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00440 house
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00448 well
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00479 house
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00517 house
2001-10-07-PZ-PLN2001-00430 Montara Creek diversion pipe
2001-10-08-PZ-PLN2001-00517 house
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00429 Medio Creek pedestrian bridge
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00507 Princeton Ave storage/residential
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00508 house
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00511 house PAD
2001-10-11-PZ-PLN2001-00115 house
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00521 UP airport antenna
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00538 Date St culvert
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00545 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00155 house
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00462 house
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00522 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00526 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00540 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00542 UP Montara Gardens
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00571 addition
2001-11-12-PZ-PLN2000-00585 addition 101 Niagara
2001-11-12-PZ-PLN2001-00538 Date St culvert
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00388 house
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00461 addition
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00572 deck enclosure
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00598 well
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00611 garage/bridge/elevator
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00618 addition
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00632 storage bldg
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00649 house
2001-12-31-PZ-PLN2001-00523 house