MCC Meetings            

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 9:30AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.


Focus Topics

Introduction to Local Government:
     District boundaries, services provided, decision-making bodies.


Neighborhood Commercial Districts
Zoning Regs Update: C-1/Midcoast:
CDRC open study sessions:
third Thursdays, 10:30-1:30 at GCSD: 10/17/19, 11/21/19, 12/19/19
Working Draft posted: comparison tables, maps showing existing uses 


Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Program Update

HMB City Council/Planning Commission Joint Study Session on Land Use Plan:
Tues, 10/29, 7pm, Ted Adcock Community Center


Harbor View Inn 15-room expansion 
2019 plans --  images -- MCC comments


Cypress Point Affordable Housing Community 
Proposed 71-unit affordable housing community at Carlos/Sierra in Moss Beach
April 2019 re-submittal documents 


Get Involved - CDRC vacancies

Coastside Design Review Committee reviews development applications for compliance with Midcoast Design Standards to encourage new homes with individual character that are complementary with neighboring houses, community character, and the surrounding natural setting.    Desirable traits in a CDRC member.

A Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. Draft CTMP expected for public review Nov 2019.


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals, and a context-appropriate highway circulation plan for Moss Beach


Quarry Park Master Plan
County Parks is developing this document that will help guide park improvements over a period of at least 20 years. 



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review expected early 2020.


Dunes Beach Hotel/RV in HMB 

An application for “The Dunes at Half Moon Bay” project was submitted to the City of HMB on September 20, 2019.


























Blog Index
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MCC Meetings 2000

Councilmembers: April Vargas (Chair), Joe Gore (Vice Chair),
Chuck Kozak (Secretary), Paul Perkovic (Treasurer), Sara Bassler
(Mar-Oct), Ric Lohman, Laura Stein
District 3 Supervisor: Rich Gordon

Scroll down for separate section with Planning & Zoning
Committee letters.

2000-01-03 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-01-05 MCC Agenda
2000-01-05 Welcome to MCC
2000-01-12 MCC Agenda
2000-01-12 MCC Notice of Vacancy
2000-01-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-01-19 P&Z Referral Review Procedures
2000-01-22 MCC Agenda- Retreat
2000-01-26 MCC Agenda
2000-02-02 P&Z Agenda
2000-02-07 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-02-09 MCC Agenda
2000-02-09 Resolution Support Prop 12
2000-02-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-02-23 MCC Agenda
2000-02-29 Sara Bassler MCC Appointment
2000-02-29 PreApp Workshop Hwy1 30-BR Hotel
2000-03-01 P&Z Agenda -- Minutes
2000-03-06 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-03-08 MCC Agenda
2000-03-14 MCC to PC- Moss Beach Highlands EIR
2000-03-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-03-16 County Counsel re MCC Bylaws
2000-03-22 MCC Agenda
2000-04-03 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-04-05 P&Z Agenda --  Addendum
2000-04-10 Letter to C/CAG - ALUCP update
2000-04-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-04-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-04-21 Planning Dept re draft residential zoning standards.
Residential Zoning staff proposal
Residential Zoning Task Force Meeting Notes 2/72/142/28
2000-04-24 Letter Magellan419 appeal
2000-04-26 Letter re qualities for new planning director
2000-04-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes-- addendum
2000-05-01 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-05-03 P&Z Agenda
2000-05-09 Letter to Planning- Hwy1 Montara/ElGranada
2000-05-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-10 MCC recommendations- Residential Zoning Ordinance
2000-05-15 MCC to PC - Residential Zoning Ordinance
2000-05-17 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-18 P&Z to ABAG - Regional Housing Needs Determination
2000-05-17 P&Z Agenda
2000-05-24 Letter to PC re Hwy1 Montara/ElGranada
2000-05-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-05-31 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-01 Letter to HMB- joint government options
2000-06-01 Park/Rec Members
2000-06-05 Letter to BoS- Moss Beach Highlands
2000-06-05 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-06-07 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-07 TBurnes letter- design approvals
2000-06-08 RGordon to PC- Hwy1 LCP
2000-06-09 MCC recommendation- RCD vacancy
2000-06-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-06-17 Honor Kit Dove
2000-06-21 P&Z Agenda
2000-06-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes -- affordable housing
2000-06-28 RGordon- Coastside Design Review Staff
2000-07-05 P&Z Agenda
2000-07-05 Rich Gordon: CCWD water transfers
2000-07-10 DColeman HMB joint government reply
2000-07-10 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-07-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-07-19 P&Z Agenda
2000-07-21 Letter to Planning- LCP scoping session
2000-07-25 LCP Scoping Flyer
2000-07-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-07-26 P&Z memo- density credit transfers
2000-08-02 P&Z Agenda
2000-08-07 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-08-09 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-08-09 County Counsel: MCC can't appeal BoS-approved projects
2000-08-16 P&Z Agenda
2000-08-23 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-06 P&Z Agenda
2000-09-07 P&Z memo- well ordinance
2000-09-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-20 P&Z Agenda
2000-09-26 P&Z memo- tree removal notification
2000-09-27 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-09-27 Candidate Night Format/Guidelines
2000-10-01 P&Z memo- test well exemption
2000-10-02 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-10-04 P&Z Agenda
2000-10-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-10-16 Letter to Planning- LCP scoping priorities
2000-10-18 P&Z Agenda
2000-10-25 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-10-25 P&Z report to MCC
2000-10-27 Letter to Planning re LCP proposed scope
2000-10-31 P&Z Agenda project site field trip
2000-11-01 P&Z Agenda
2000-11-06 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-11-08 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-11-13 Letter to BoS- Development Issues Committee
2000-11-15 P&Z Agenda
2000-11-27 Letter to BoS- Development Issues Recommendations
2000-11-30 LCP Project Scope
2000-12-04 Park/Rec Agenda
2000-12-06 P&Z Agenda
2000-12-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2000-12-20 P&Z Agenda

Planning & Zoning Committee Comment Letters

2000-01-07 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-01-20 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-01-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00624/25
2000-01-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00903
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00774
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00862
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00928
2000-01-26 P&Z comment PLN1999-00930
2000-02-07 P&Z comment Magellan416 PC appeal
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN1999-00452 Moss Beach Highlands
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00022
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00036
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00042
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00048
2000-02-22 P&Z comment PLN2000-00077
2000-02-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00047
2000-02-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00078
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00308
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00617
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN1999-00893
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00072-74
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080
2000-03-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00103
2000-06-13 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080
2000-06-15 P&Z comment PLN2000-00268 Vallemar wells
2000-07-25 P&Z comment PLN1999-00811 Princeton warehouse
2000-09-04 P&Z comment PLN2000-00080 house
2000-10-03 P&Z comment PLN2000-00268 Vallemar wells
2000-10-08 P&Z PLN2000-00472 harbor restroom/commercial
2000-10-29 P&Z comment PLN2000-00546 test wells 5th St
2000-11-09 P&Z comment PLN2000-00702
2000-12-23 P&Z comment PLN2000-00675

MCC Meetings 2001

Councilmembers: Laura Stein (Chair), Chuck Kozak (Vice Chair),
April Vargas (Secretary), Ric Lohman (Treasurer), Joe Gore, 
Paul Perkovic, vacancy
District 3 Supervisor: Rich Gordon

Scroll down for separate section with Planning & Zoning Committee letters.

2001 P&Z Committee Charter revised
2001-01-03 P&Z Agenda
2001-01-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes -- Resolution (Vanderwerf)
2001-01-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-01-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-01-31 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-02-21 P&Z Agenda
2001-02-22 Harbor District letter re El Granada Median Strip
2001-02-25 MCC to RGordon re Hwy1 long range plan
2001-02-28 MCC Letter re PC Coastside Mtgs
2001-02-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-07 MCC Letter re FMR Master Plan
2001-03-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-03-12 Development Issues Committee Letter
2001-03-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-21 P&Z Agenda
2001-03-24 MCC Agenda special -- Minutes
2001-03-27 Planning Response re Permits/Wells
2001-03-28 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-03-29 El Granada Median Strip Community Meeting
2001-04-04 P&Z Agenda
2001-04-10 MCC/Harbor District meeting notes- restroom
2001-04-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-04-16 P&Z Letter re El Granada Duplex
2001-04-18 P&Z Agenda
2001-04-25 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-02 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-09 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-09 Letter supporting groundwater assistance grant
2001-05-10 MCC to Harbor District re restroom
2001-05-16 P&Z Agenda
2001-05-23 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-05-30 Rich Gordon to CCC- house size LCP amendment
2001-06-01 Design Review candidate recommendations
2001-06-04 Park/Rec Minutes
2001-06-06 P&Z Agenda
2001-06-13 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-06-13 MCC Letter to POST re Rancho
2001-06-17 MCC Letter to CCC- house size amendment
2001-06-20 P&Z Agenda
2001-06-27 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-07-05 MCC Letter to BoS re Xterra
2001-07-11 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-07-12 RGordon Letter to MCC- Vision Project
2001-07-18 P&Z Agenda
2001-07-25 MCC Agenda
2001-08-01 P&Z Agenda
2001-08-08 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-08-13 DPW Letter to MCC- Etheldore Culverts
2001-08-15 MCC to Planning re Project Reviews/Postings
2001-08-15 P&Z Agenda
2001-08-22 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-08-23 MCC Letter to Planning re Coronado signal
2001-08-29 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-05 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-12 Letter to BoS re Mirada Surf
2001-09-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-09-13 Letter to Governor Davis- Certificate of Compliance
2001-09-17 Letter to BoS- road contiguity
2001-09-18 DPW Letter to MCC re Road Drainage
2001-09-19 P&Z Agenda
2001-09-26 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-03 P&Z Agenda
2001-10-10 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-10-19 Letter to DPW re Roads/Drainage
2001-10-24 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-10-30 Letter to Caltrans re Hwy 92 expansion
2001-11-07 P&Z Agenda
2001-11-12 Letter to RGordon re ABAG Subregional Plan
2001-11-14 Letter to CCC re Save Our Shores Grant
2001-11-14 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-11-17 P&Z Agenda
2001-11-25 MCC comment PLN1999-0082 Impink
2001-11-26 Letter to RGordon re public notice
2001-12-05 P&Z Agenda
2001-12-12 MCC Agenda -- Minutes
2001-12-19 P&Z Agenda
2001-12-21 LCP inconsistencies

Planning & Zoning Committee Comment Letters
2001-01-02 P&Z PLN2000-00773 Princeton internet sales
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00803 house
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00811 addition
2001-02-06-PZ-PLN2000-00887 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN1999-00384 Inn UP Miramar
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN1999-00642 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00173 house RM-Montara
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00833 house RM- The Strand
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00863 house
2001-02-25-PZ-PLN2000-00889 house
2001-03-13 P&Z Pre-app mtg- 10-unit El Granada Motel
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00389 house
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00855 UP/storage- Brewing Co.
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2000-00904 addition
2001-03-13-PZ-PLN2001-00027 LLA
2001-03-19-PZ-PLN2000-00399 addition- Seacliff
2001-03-19-PZ-PLN2001-00084/95 1441 Alamo
2001-04-01-PZ-PLN2000-00811 addition
2001-04-01-PZ-PLN2000-00897 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00711 Hwy92 stable UP
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00730 Hwy92 roadside UP
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2000-00911 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00010 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00033 house
2001-04-10-PZ-PLN2001-00055 2nd unit
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2000-00881 house
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00064 addition
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00092 addition
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00096 remodel
2001-04-16-PZ-PLN2001-00112 domestic well
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2000-00253 variance
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2001-00129 addition
2001-05-02-PZ-PLN2001-00170 house, substandard lot
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2000-00902 addition
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2001-00098 house
2001-05-07-PZ-PLN2001-00127 well

2001-05-08-PZ-PLN2001-00833 Vallemar Bluff NegDec
2001-05-09-PZ-PLN2000-00472 Harbor restroom/commercial
2001-05-13-PZ-PLN2001-00206 house
2001-05-13-PZ-PLN2001-00241 house
2001-05-17-PZ-PLN2000-00472 Harbor-restroom/commercial
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00018 addition
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00115 house
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00130 deck/spa
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00193 LLA
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00155 house
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00190 addition
2001-05-26-PZ-PLN2001-00192 sunroom
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00196 garage
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00208 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00215 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00234 addition
2001-05-27-PZ-PLN2001-00259 addition
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2000-00557 house
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00145 addition
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00226 major tree removal
2001-06-17-PZ-PLN2001-00241 house
2001-06-25-PZ-PLN2001-00287 lot line adjustment
2001-06-25-PZ-PLN2001-00308 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2000-00803 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2000-00855 UP/storage- Brewing Co.
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00189 Princeton Ave B&B addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00206 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00221 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00222 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00229 house
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00255 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00261 addition
2001-07-09-PZ-PLN2001-00265 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2000-00897 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00278 El Granada storm drains
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00333 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00334 house
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00338 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00345 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00363 addition
2001-08-07-PZ-PLN2001-00454 addition
2001-08-15-PZ-PLN2001-00062 duplex
2001-08-22-PZ-PLN2001-00253 house
2001-09-03-PZ-PLN2001-00313 house
2001-09-04-PZ-PLN2001-00368 house
2001-09-04-PZ-PLN2001-00368 object to decision letter
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2000-00585 addition 101 Niagara
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2001-00339 addition
2001-09-17-PZ-PLN2001-00355 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2000-00253 house redesign
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2000-00494 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00270 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00360 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00365 addition
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00377 house
2001-09-18-PZ-PLN2001-00431 garage
2001-09-27-PZ-PLN2001-00387 house
2001-09-28-PZ-PLN2001-00430 Montara Creek diversion pipe
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00440 house
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00448 well
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00479 house
2001-10-01-PZ-PLN2001-00517 house
2001-10-07-PZ-PLN2001-00430 Montara Creek diversion pipe
2001-10-08-PZ-PLN2001-00517 house
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00429 Medio Creek pedestrian bridge
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00507 Princeton Ave storage/residential
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00508 house
2001-10-09-PZ-PLN2001-00511 house PAD
2001-10-11-PZ-PLN2001-00115 house
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00521 UP airport antenna
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00538 Date St culvert
2001-10-15-PZ-PLN2001-00545 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00155 house
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00462 house
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00522 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00526 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00540 addition
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00542 UP Montara Gardens
2001-10-22-PZ-PLN2001-00571 addition
2001-11-12-PZ-PLN2000-00585 addition 101 Niagara
2001-11-12-PZ-PLN2001-00538 Date St culvert
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00388 house
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00461 addition
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00572 deck enclosure
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00598 well
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00611 garage/bridge/elevator
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00618 addition
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00632 storage bldg
2001-12-03-PZ-PLN2001-00649 house
2001-12-31-PZ-PLN2001-00523 house