MCC Meetings            

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7 PM, GCSD meeting room,
504 Ave Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada.   Email Agendas.   
Broadcast on Channel 27, the following Thurs 8PM & Fri 9:30AM.
See Archives for past meetings with video links.

Nov 2018 Elections for MCC


Focus Topics

Coastside Local Government --
a Quick Look

District boundaries, services provided, and decision-making bodies. Upcoming MCC study sessions: (2) Land use planning & development approvals process, (3) Transportation planning & projects – review and update.


Coastside Design Review Committee vacancies
Miramar Rep/Alternate & Montara alternate
Application deadline July 27
Desirable Traits for a CDRC member


Modern Roundabouts
--a safer choice than traffic signals
--promoted by CaltransFHWAAARP, and
Midcoast Hwy 1 Safety & Mobility Study.
Cypress roundabout: MCC 8/9/17 minutes & 5/11/16 letter.
Cypress roundabout evaluation - 10% design - MCC review


Quarry Park Master Plan
(includes Mirada Surf -- park map)
County Parks is developing this document that will help guide park improvements over a period of at least 20 years. 


Harbor Village RV Park
50-space facility proposed at Capistrano & Hwy 1


Vallemar Bluff 4-House Development


Affordable Housing 
Cypress Point is MidPen's proposed 71-unit affordable housing community at Carlos/Sierra in Moss Beach. Pre-application plans, workshop summary and comments are here


Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) is being developed to address cumulative traffic impacts of Midcoast development on Highway 1 & 92. Draft plan expected for public review summer 2018.



Comprehensive planning update of Princeton area land use plans, development polices and zoning regulations began in 2013. Draft plan for public review: early 2019.


Plan Half Moon Bay
HMB General Plan & Local Coastal Program Update are ongoing. Midcoast residents are encouraged to get involved. 10/24/17 presentation & video (@3min) on Land Use Policy & Growth Management by Dr. Charles Lester, former CCC Executive Director.


SFO Aircraft Noise

MCC 9/13/17 informational forum --
video, slide presentation, links


















Blog Index
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MCC Meetings 1994

Councilmembers: Angela Meyer (Chair), Robert M. Brown,
Sally Campbell, Joe Fitting, Suzanne Hayes-Kane, James Marsh,
David Spiselman
District 3 Supervisor: Ted Lempert

1994-01-12 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-01-18 MCC to BoS - Coastside Park & Rec District
1994-01-26 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-02-09 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-02-23 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-02-23 S.Ayers-Matonis resignation
1994-02-28 MCC to BoS- road standards
1994-03-01 MCC letter re adequate fire flow storage
1994-03-02 MCC to Caltrans re DS Bypass
1994-03-09 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-03-14 MCC to BoS - Coastside Protection Initiative
1994-03-15 MCC Water Committee Mtg Agenda
1994-03-23 MCC AgendaMinutes
1994-03-23 MCC Resolution- S.Ayers-Matonis service
1994-03-31 MCC to BoS re DS Bypass
1994-04-11 View Committee meeting
1994-04-13 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-04-27 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-05-11 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-05-25 MCC Agenda
1994-05-25 MCC Chair to members re attendance
1994-05-26 MCC letter- council vacancy appointment
1994-06-02 MCC Finance Committee meeting - report
1994-06-08 MCC Agenda - Minutes
1994-06-10 MCC letter to Supervisor Lempert- congratulations
1994-06-03 MCC letter to editor - Citizen's water improvements
1994-06-13 MCC to BoS - View & Solar Access Ordinance
1994-06-19 MCC letter to Supe re septic cumulative impacts
1994-06-22 MCC Agenda
1994-06-22 MCC budget 94-95
1994-06-22 MCC letter to BoS re road standards
1994-06 Community Services District preliminary budget
1994-07-05 Planner to MCC - View/Solar Access Ordinance
1994-07-13 MCC Agenda
1994-07-14 MCC letter re Wilkinson School Use Permit
1994-07-27 MCC Agenda
1994-08-03 Sierra Club letter re Devil’s Slide Bypass
1994-08-24 MCC Agenda
1994-08-25 High School letter re Community Service volunteers
1994-09-14 MCC Agenda
1994-10-10 R.Brown resignation
1994-10-12 MCC Agenda
1994-10-26 MCC Agenda
1994-10-26 MCC Notice of Vacancy
1994-12-08 Views Committee letter - proposed ordinance
1994-12-14 MCC Agenda
1994-12-14 MCC letter re Miramar B&B
1994-12-14 Parks/Rec Committee report
1994-12-15 MCC to BoS - View/Solar Access Ordinance
1994-12-28 MCC Agenda


MCC Meetings 1995

Councilmembers: James Marsh (Chair), Sally Campbell, Joe Fitting, Suzanne Hayes-Kane, Chris McComb, Angela Meyer, David Spiselman
District 3 Supervisor: Ted Lempert

1995-01-04 MCC letter to BoS re vacancy appointment
1995-01-04 MCC letter re highway parking for-sale vehicles
1995-01-19 MCC Parks Committee Update
1995-01-25 MCC Agenda
1995-01-28 MCC Retreat
1995-02-08 County Boards/Commissions Orientation Invitation
1995-02-08 MCC Agenda
1995-02-08 Planning to MCC - View & Solar Access Ordinance
1995-02-09 MCC to BoS re Devil's Slide meeting representation
1995-02-11 MCC to BoS re DS closure emergency
1995-02-16 Airport Master Plan update PAC
1995-02-21 MCC Agenda
1995-03-09 MCC to employers re DS closure
1995-03-12 MCC to BoS re Devil's Slide
1995-03-15 MCC letter re cable franchise
1995-03-15- County Counsel to MCC - View/Solar Access Ordinance
1995-03-20-County Pillar Point Marsh acquisition proposal
1995-03-22 MCC Agenda
1995-03-22 P&Z report- RM Districts
1995-03-24 Parks Committee to BoS- Quarry Park
1995-03-27 DPW to MCC re traffic
1995-04-01 MCC to Tom Lantos re Devil's Slide
1995-04-02 MCC to BoS re tunnel
1995-04-05 Parks Committee to BoS Quarry Park
1995-04-12 MCC Agenda
1995-04-12 Parks Committee to MCC- Quarry Park
1995-04-10 DPW to MCC re traffic
1995-04-15 MCC Notice of Council Vacancy
1995-04-26 MCC Agenda
1995-05-05 MCC to BoS - Harbor Village development agreement
1995-05-07 MCC to BoS- approve street improvements
1995-05-08 MCC to BoS re Devil's Slide
1995-05-10 MCC Agenda
1995-05-13 MCC to Planning- RM development density
1995-05-15 Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center proposal
1995-05-24 MCC Agenda
1995-05-25- County Counsel to MCC - View/Solar Access Ordinance
1995-05-26- Planning to MCC - View/Solar Access Ordinance
1995-05-30 MCC to BoS re funding for mediation re Bypass
1995-06-14 MCC Agenda
1995-06-16 PG&E to MCC- partnership forum
1995-06-19 MCC to BoS- vacancy appointment
1995-06-28 MCC Agenda
1995-06-28 MCC to BoS- SMC Planners Association
1995-07-06 Parks Committee Agenda
1995-07-08 MCC to BoS- vacancy appointment
1995-07-12 MCC Agenda
1995-07-14 P&Z to Environmental Health
1995-07-18 MCC to BoS- vacancy appointment
1995-07-19 MCC non-appointment- news article
1995-07-26 MCC Agenda
1995-07-26 S.Hayes to MCC- retract resignation
1995-08-09 MCC Agenda
1995-08-14 tunnel news article correction
1995-08-21 MCC Agenda
1995-08-21 MCC office phone line request -- installation
1995-08-22 MCC to BoS - Coastside Protection Initiative
1995-08-22 MCC to BoS - View & Solar Access Ordinance
1995-08-23 MCC Agenda
1995-08-24 MCC to Bos - Coastside Protection Initiative
1995-09-09 Candidate Night format
1995-09-13 MCC Agenda
1995-09-15 MCC to BoS re Devil's Slide alternatives
1995-09-18 MCC to BoS- Granada South Plaza parking
1995-09-18 MCC to BoS - Surfer's Beach development
1995-09-19 Ted Lempert to BoS re Devil's Slide
1995-09-25 MCC to PC - Coastside Protection Initiative
1995-09-27 MCC Agenda
1995-09-28 A.Eshoo to MCC
1995-10-11 MCC to Planning: Home Improvement Exemption
1995-10-12 MCC to BoS - Coastside Protection Initiative
1995-10-25 MCC Agenda
1995-10-30 MCC to BoS re tunnel
1995-11-01 MCC to Harbor District- Surfer's Beach development
1995-11-08 MCC Agenda
1995-11-12 MCC letter- Home Improvement Exception
1995-11-21 flyer - Marchant Surfer's Beach development
1995-11-22 Planning referrals response time
1995-12-06 MCC Agenda
1995-12-06 MCC resolution- El Granada waterfront
1995-12-08 MCC to PC - Coastside Protection Initiative
1995-12-27 MCC Agenda
1995 Park/Rec Committee report
1995 Review Devil's Slide events